Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are many reasons why young people in Melbourne may be struggling to find cheap rent and therefore cannot leave home. See our Melbourne Housing Market page regarding how we can help you with affordable accommodation.

People have been residing permanently in the Log Cabin Park since the early 1980s. In fact, we are proud to say that some of our original residents have lived here for over 30 years!   Living permanently in caravan parks and mobile home parks is a lifestyle choice for many people, whether retired or of working age. The Log Cabin Park offers a range of facilities and services, and the village atmosphere can foster a feeling of community so often absent from other styles of living.

The flexibility of caravan park living is very appealing to many people. We typically do not require residents to sign a fixed-term lease agreement so if you are living in the area for a short time (eg for a work project, visiting family in the area or you’re waiting for your new house to be built), you don’t have to worry about signing or breaking a lease. We require only 7 days’ notice of your intention to vacate and there are no lease break costs.

At the Log Cabin Park, we are committed to sustaining a culture that is inclusive and values diversity.  Diversity is a key part of the history and success of our family business.  Inclusion is reflected in the way we treat people with respect.

Caravan park living is also very affordable compared to most other forms of rental property.   Our cabins are partially furnished and weekly rental rates are lower than in the private rental market within the same suburb.

Yes we have a swimming pool that is open during the warmer months, a covered BBQ area and a children’s playground.

We have a coin laundry on-site, which includes washers, dryers and a soap dispenser. There are also many clotheslines conveniently placed around the Park.

Water usage is included in the weekly rental fee. Natural gas and electricity are metered and charged at rates set by the Essential Services Commission to meet the surrounding residential charges. Some cabins use LPG, which residents can purchase either from the Park or from any other LPG retailer. 

We offer a Linen, Crockery & Cutlery package for those residents who don’t wish to bring their own. There is an extra charge for this package, please enquire at the office for current prices. 

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate more people in a cabin than the cabin’s maximum capacity. For example, a studio cabin contains one double bed so the maximum capacity for that cabin is two people. To exceed this limit would result in overcrowding, which could endanger your health and safety.

Both tenants of rented premises and residents of caravan parks are protected by the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act. The Act gives caravan park residents legal security of tenure and also the flexibility to vacate the caravan park with minimal fuss. Whilst tenants of rented premises are required to give at least 28 days’ notice to vacate and may face excessive fees for breaking a lease, caravan park residents are simply required to give only 7 days’ notice when they wish to leave the park.

Many of the rights and obligations under the Act are similar. You can download this booklet from Consumer Affairs for more information.

We have full-time maintenance team on-site so if maintenance issues ever arise, we can address them quickly and easily. Where a licensed tradesperson is required, we will organise one to attend. The Park owner bears the cost of repairs and maintenance that are a result of wear and tear on the cabin.

Whilst the community environment of a caravan park is enough to make many people feel more secure than in a rented house or apartment building, we take some extra steps to ensure that you can enjoy your site in peace and quiet. The Log Cabin Park provides the following security measures:

  • Boom gates to restrict vehicle access to residents only (emergency vehicle access is provided)
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Nightly security patrols
  • On-site management, 5 days per week
  • Management are on-call after hours 

Although it may represent an inconvenience to some, we do not allow pets in the Log Cabin Park. Roughly 15 years ago we were forced to introduce this policy due to noise complaints from residents regarding barking dogs and fighting cats. We have also taken into consideration the impact of pets on the native wildlife locally, particularly given our proximity to Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve and the Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve.  (You may have heard that recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean that landlords must now allow pets; this change does not extend to caravan parks).

There are several Primary Schools in Langwarrin and neighbouring suburb Karingal, and local secondary school McClelland College is a short 5min drive from the Log Cabin Park. There are also several kindergartens and childcare centres in the immediate vicinity. The Chisholm Institute and Monash University’s Peninsula campus are also within easy commute of the Log Cabin Park.

Frankston Hospital is the closest public hospital, located 10min drive from the Log Cabin Park. Peninsula Private hospital is situated on the same road as the Log Cabin Park, some 2km to the south.

Karingal Hub shopping centre boasts a cinema complex, two supermarkets, Big W, restaurants and 120 specialty stores. Karingal Hub is located less than 2.5km from the Log Cabin Park.

The nearby Skye Road entrance ramp to the Peninsula Link freeway provides easy access to Melbourne’s extensive freeway network and a direct route to the popular holiday destination, the Mornington Peninsula.

There is one parking space assigned to each cabin. Additional cars may be parked in the Visitor Car Park at the entrance to the Log Cabin Park, as well as in specifically marked car parking bays in various locations within the Log Cabin Park.

Our minimum stay is 28 days so only longer-term tourists stay in the Park. On average residents stay for over 2 years, while some have lived here for 30 years.

We have gardening contractors and a maintenance team on staff to take care of the common areas so you won’t need to worry about mowing lawns.

We don’t have an amenities block because all of our cabins are self-contained; they include kitchens, and all bathrooms have showers and toilets.

The office is open weekdays; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am – 5pm. The office is open 9am – 5.30pm on Thursday and Friday nights. Management is contactable via an after-hours phone number which is given to all residents.

Rent Assistance reduces your weekly rental fee and is applicable to caravan park living. You may be eligible to receive Rent Assistance, depending on your financial position. Check with Centrelink to confirm your eligibility and the amount you will receive.

Yes, your family is most welcome to come and visit. Short stays will attract an additional fee and extended stays will require that each adult submit an Application Form for approval.

Yes, mail is delivered in bulk and sorted by surname in the Office. Mail, including parcel deliveries, can be collected from the Office during opening hours. 

1 Based on a comparison of median rent in Langwarrin of $330/week for a 2 bedroom unit,, accessed 22/07/2019, compared to Log Cabin rental rates for a 2 bedroom cabin, current as at 22 July 2019.