Melbourne’s Housing Market

How We Can Help With Cheap Rent

Failure to Launch – the reasons

There are many reasons why young people in Melbourne may be struggling to find cheap rent and therefore cannot leave home. Primarily these include:

  • House prices and rental rates.
    Melbourne’s housing market can be daunting for young adults. Even through the pandemic, housing prices and rental rates continue to be out of reach for many.
  • The jobs market
    Adding to the housing crisis is the lack of full-time jobs for young people in Melbourne.  It is tough for young people to afford to leave home and live apart from their families.  As a result, young adults commonly remain living in their parental home well into their 20s, 30s and beyond. 

So How We Can Help?

As a provider of affordable rental housing, the Log Cabin Park offers a chance for your family members to gain their independence.  Residents of the Log Cabin Park can afford to rent a cabin without getting permanent employment.  Contract, casual, part-time employment, and even some forms of Centrelink payments, can provide enough income for young people to thrive in their own space.

To illustrate, here’s how we can provide Cheap Rent:

Sarah is a 20-year-old apprentice hairdresser, earning the Award minimum wage of $18.47 per hour.  Because Sarah is an Australian Apprentice over 18 and living away from her parents’ home, she is eligible for Youth Allowance at a rate of $362.15 per fortnight.  Sarah is renting a newly renovated studio cabin at the Log Cabin Park for $236 per week.  Sarah’s rental payments are just 27% of her gross income.

Mark is 22 years old and works casually as a builder’s labourer.  His wage rate is $26.14 per hour, but his hours can change from week to week.  On average, Mark works 32.5 hours per week.  Mark is renting a single bedroom cabin at the Log Cabin Park.  Mark’s rental payments are just 30% of his gross income.

Natalie is a 21-year-old casual waitress, working two or three shifts per week.  She lives with her boyfriend Jarrad who is a garden maintenance contractor.  Natalie earns on average $291.60 per week and Jarrad contributes $850 per week.  Together they are renting a two-bedroom cabin at the Log Cabin Park for $296 per week.  Natalie and Jarrad’s rental payments are just 26% of their gross household income.

If you feel that you want to leave home and that your budget can afford our rental rates, please apply below!